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Top Ten Property Investment Hotspots for 2008



Gazing into our crystal ball, this is a list of likely overseas property investment markets that should do well in 2008.


1. Thailand


Thailand has a two things going for it at the moment:

  • Weak currency. Even against the dollar, the baht is weak.
  • Weak property prices. The upcoming Thai elections and insecurity over the US sub-prime mortgage crash are causing a drop in prices, that make a very attractive proposition.


2. Morocco


Morocco is still a very undeveloped market and as far as we’re concerned, it looks very much like the Spain of a few years ago.

  • Property prices are very attractive compared to the E.U.
  • The low cost of living makes a luxury lifestyle a real possibility
  • The property boom is at the beginning of it’s cycle
  • Rental properties are experiencing 85% occupancy during the season
  • Capital growth is in excess of 15% year on year
  • Airfares, yacht club mooring fees and golf memberships are comparable to Spain thirty years ago



3. Abu Dhabi




Abu Dhabi seems intent on avoiding the mistakes made in Dubai, and is very much at the beginning of it’s upswing.



4. The Dominican Republic




There are a number of interesting new developments in the Dominican republic that bear a closer look. Once again, this is a very undeveloped emerging market that has a long way to go before prices come into line with the rest of the world.



5. Brazil





According to the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), Brazil is “fast becoming one of the property world’s talking points.” The property market in Brazil currently sits on the brink of a boom period; investment growth is inevitable, especially in locations by the sea and in north east Brazil. Many areas are being transformed into top class resorts with supporting infrastructures to boost the tourist industry.



6. India




India’s property market is booming. The difference is that India’s was long out of bounds to institutional investors, particularly foreigners. That changed recently with drastic alterations to the foreign investment rules.



7. Romania




Romania is now in 2nd place to Latvia as the fastest growing economy in Central Europe. Production & Manufacturing has moved down the road to Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and these are all likely good investments in 2008.



8. Montenegro




Real estate in Montenegro is undervalued; the country has entered into a period of reform designed to bring economic growth and foreign investment, Montenegrins are aligning for EU accession, albeit with a few hurdles to manage yet, but, the country is beginning to attract growing overseas tourism interest.



9. Turkey






Due to recent changes in the Turkish martgage laws, Turkey look set for a sizable boom.



10. The U.S.A



takes the number ten spot. Although we see a way to go before the sub-prime mortgage crisis settles down, look to the States for some good investment opportunities in 2008.




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