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WISH Invest is a catalyst for a great deal of international investment opportunities around the world. WISH have a common interest in advocating and promoting international real estate , business , franchising and forms of investments through our integrated campaign of professional tours to private meetings and other methods to match our qualified investors with a solid opportunity, WISH is devoted to the needs of our investors and opportunity providers . We are an exclusive forum for investors to meet and exchange information and data about what they are looking for.


To Our Entrepreneurs


WISH Invest is designed to meet two-folds of your needs. Whether you are still looking for a great business opportunity to invest in , a perfect venture , a solid franchise concept , a global real estate investment , or maybe you are currently operational and you wish to expand , grow your business and find new markets for your products around the world .

WISH  Invest will present you with many profitable global investment opportunities and the perfect channels to promote your products and services.

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To Our Investment opportunities providers


Find an investor for your business , venture or real estate project with our targeted Campaign services around the world, through our tours , privet one on one meetings with qualified prospects which connects you directly with qualified investors, venture capitalists and business funding. WISH Investment experts will assist you to match your investment needs with funding from different private qualified sources.



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